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Our History

Who We Are and Where We Came From

The name of the parish was selected from the passage from James: "Be ye doers of the word and
not hearers only". In November 2002, then Deacon Doug Driscoll, and his wife Cathy and Sub-
deacon Steve Carmick and his wife Sue contacted then-Bishop James Stewart for permission to
form a new ACA congregation in Olympia, Washington, For the first several months, the new
parish, with only a few members, alternated between the Driscoll and Carmick households, both
of which were 30 miles or more from Olympia.
Finally, the Salvation Army in Olympia made their sanctuary available to the growing
congregation at 8 AM on Sundays. Deacon Doug Driscoll was ordained priest by Bishop Stewart
in the Salvation Army sanctuary on August 14, 2004. We were officially named a parish in
October 2004 and have continued to grow, establishing a mission, St. Erasmus in Burley, WA in
that year.
In November 2004, the congregation moved to a rented space in the American Legion Post,
Olympia, where our services could be held, at the more conventional 10:00 AM. We expanded
our adult and children's Sunday school and grew to 30 members. On August 20, 2006, Bill Albro
was ordained Deacon and Fr. Doug Driscoll was installed as Rector of St. James.
Fr. Doug and Deacon Bill alternated between St. James and St. Erasmus Mission.
In May 2007, the congregation again moved to our own, unshared facility at 510 Stoll Rd.
Olympia, where we are currently. In August 2009. Deacon Bill Albro was ordained into the
priesthood and shortly thereafter became Rector of St. James, while Fr. Doug became Rector of
St. Erasmus parish.
In 2010, the parish affiliated itself with the Anglican Church in North America, a larger more
widespread body then the ACA. This move, under welcoming bishop, has provided greater
resources for both the parish members and clergy. Fr. Albro furthered our community
involvement by establishing a jail ministry and our continuing contributions to the food bank and
care center for mothers.
On September 15, 2013 Fr. Albro retired and the parish called Fr. Gary Graveline. He was
installed in September and has provided seamless care for the parish ever since.

The parish changed affiliations to the Christian Episcopal Church and stayed the course with that jurisdiction for over five years, during which Fr. Stephen was called as a Deacon and two years later ordained a priest. In September 2021 St. James Parish decided to return to its original roots and requested we return to the ACA and the Diocese of the West known as the DOW. The vestry overwhelmingly voted to make that move.

Fr. Gary A Graveline Sr

Fr. Stephen Morrison

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